Mar 15th, 2012 k-a-i-r-o-s: ooc: You probably have the best Netherlands ask-blog I've ever seen on Tumblr. And I'm a picky Netherlands roleplayer-- LOLOL. Keep up the good work! c;

ooc;; Oh man, it’s always so wonderful to hear things like this! I’ve been a little discouraged as of late by other ask Ned blogs so thank you so much. ><

And it’s really nice to hear that another Netherlands roleplayer would feel good about the things I say, so, I’ll try! n_n

Mar 15th, 2012
Ok, so here’s what I’m planning.

I think I’m going to put up a new theme.
Mostly just for… a little change of pace.

Then I’m going to answer questions,
and continue to mess with different styles while I’m at it.

Here’s the thing:
I’m not an artist.
I’m a graphic designer at heart,
a bit of a photographer as well,
but not an artist in the traditional sense.
I can’t really… draw.

Thank you to everyone who’s put up with my terrible doodles, enjoyed them, and stuck with me through long hiatuses and whatnot. <3


Feb 19th, 2012
I&#8230; I don&#8217;t think I&#8217;d be able to stop her.
Dec 26th, 2011
[[ Ok, so, we all know I can’t draw.

I really can’t, therefore I’m going to try a few different styles and see what comes out of it. Probably. I dunno. I’m just gonna try to not blow so hard, ok? Ok.

Dec 26th, 2011
Hefner and his wives may have decades between them, but those women are not LITTLE GIRLS so there&#8217;s nothing wrong with it. Does any of what I say seep through your thick, grey skulls or not?
I&#8217;m not attracted to underdeveloped bodies.Get it?
I like my women with tits and hips, an ass that I can get my hands on, a mouth like a damn hooker and a body to handle exactly what she&#8217;ll be gettin&#8217; all night.
And my men? I prefer them with muscles and strength, I don&#8217;t want to have to worry about breaking anyone, they need to be able to take it like a real man.
Get it yet?
I don&#8217;t want children in my bed. Tears are the last thing I want to see when I&#8217;m fucking someone, and not to mention, they just, plain, don&#8217;t fucking turn me on.
Dec 26th, 2011
I’m sure you’ve all noticed that I’ve all but abandoned this blog.

Didn’t mean to, I think I was just overwhelmed or some shit. Plus, askbritain vanished as well and they were the one that got me to make this blog. xD

Recently, however, they have returned.

So, I think I’ll try again?

Sorry if my drawing has become even worse than before,
I’ll see what I can do! ><

Sep 8th, 2011
Technically, almost all of the nations are of &#8216;legal&#8217; age in my home country as well as many others, even Sealand, Liechtenstein, and of course Latvia as well, since they&#8217;ve been around for many more years than their bodies display.
It&#8217;s the same for all of us.
We don&#8217;t age the way you humans do, we don&#8217;t go by years, if we did then my four hundred and thirty year old ass would be long gone by now, wouldn&#8217;t it?
So no, I won&#8217;t be &#8216;railing&#8217; Latvia or any other underage nation, and yes, I consider Latvia to be too young. Why? Because he fucking looks it and I&#8217;m just not into that.
Now, how about you get the fuck out of my inbox and go bother someone you might actually know something about.
Sep 8th, 2011
We drink, aiight? Nothing happens though.
Sep 8th, 2011
It appears I’ve been inactive for a little over a month.

Awfully sorry, though, for a good amount of that time my tablet decided to stop working.

"That’s no excuse, Ned!"

Yeah, yeah, I know. I should have informed all my lovely followers. But I didn’t. Thanks for everyone who started following me while I was gone, I’m back now though and I’ll be starting up again. My inbox is full of nonsense and all the shits I don’t give so I’ll be cleaning that up in a few. Basically, all the messages telling me how “KAWAII DESU DESU MOE” or whatever the fuck I am will be going down the drain. There’s about 17 of those alone…

Jul 28th, 2011